Welcome to Shreeji Unique Art. ​​India’s Most Wonder Art !!


I am Gordhan Bhingradiya (Patel). I am artist by god gift. I have only one disability that I am deaf and dumb. I studied up to 8th standard in government school. I gave my whole life to my family. So didn’t disclose my creation to the world. Now my great son giving me my true life and want to give me my true success for my given whole life to him and family, today he realized me that what my value is today. Now world is seeing my creations.


My creations are:

1. Designer Wall Photo Frame :

Make from bamboo sticks, LED lights changeable through remote : Unique art still today. Can be made in any size.

2. Artificial Art Painting :

Make from cotton cloth, diamond, stone, oil colors, wheat sticks, plastic flower, sari lace, zari powder, radium paper, mala, led lights : Can be making for any pictures. You may give your favorite picture.

3. Oil Painting :

Make from oil colors. Very accurate, neat and clean painting.


4. Antique Art :

Make from Bamboo Stick : Looks so amazing, it’s one of the wonderful creation. I make Eiffel Tower with lighting. It’s looking mind blowing.

5. Ancient Art Painting :

Make from wheat stick : It’s too old art but looking awesome. Any angle view it gives shining. If spread low lights, too attractive. 

6. Thread Art :

Make from cotton thread : Old but beautiful art. 

7. Designer Mirror :

Make from Bamboo stick : Looks attractive mirror frame.

8. Decorative Painting :

Make from wheat stick : Looking beautiful if put two frame on single wall with proper angle.

9. Coffee Table Art :

Make from wheat stick : Too attractive at living or guest room.

10. Wall Clock Art :

Make from bamboo stick : Its new and unique art in wall clock. It’s come with lighting, in night or low light looking superb.

11. Customized Gift :

Make from bamboo stick, oil color, led lights : Unique gift for anyone in any occasion.

Everyone wants unique articles for their use. My all creation are very attractive for Home Decor, Corporate Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Tour & Travels Offices, Motels, Guest Houses, Banquet Halls, Theater for movie posters, Food corners, Technical institutes and many more locations.

Also everyone wants to give unique things to their loved one. Here I am giving the best way to gift someone in any occasion i.e. birthday, anniversary, marriage, any special moment, engagement, any favorite festivals and many more.

That’s why all want to put their special moments in pictures and I put your moments with Arts; special memorable things. So I create slogan for our business is “Unique crafts for unique moments”.

Now today world is seeing my creations. Please visit my website or visit at my home; you will get exact reality of my all arts. Thank you so much for read. 

Have Happy Moments!

Never left family or loved one for money or any other reason. Make be happy them. Create lots of memories. Sometime memories give us lots of happiness. Sometime memories give us the value of life to be live for family. And then you will never be live alone. This is power of memories.